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When the entire workforce is logged into one user-friendly platform, delivering quick and effective field service becomes easier for a company. Field Service Lightning solutions align with various tailored services while increasing staff productivity to an all-time high. This app manages the roster of technicians and dispatchers while automatically scheduling appointments from the clients. Using this all-in-one application, operators can quickly and easily track operations in real-time. With this field service app salesforce software, service providers can provide real-time updates to their customers while also coordinating with all staff and contractors simultaneously.

What is Field Service Management?

The system of Field Service Management is also known as Salesforce Field Service. The purpose of this software is to automate and optimize the jobs performed by field service workers (agents, dispatchers, and mobile technicians). The app helps with the following tasks-

  1. Create and manage work orders.
  2. Ensuring service-level agreements are followed.
  3. Syncing work orders with contacts, accounts, and other data.
  4. Intelligent scheduling.
  5. Tracking and scheduling for truck equipment and staff.
  6. Usage on any mobile device.
  7. Inventory Visibility.

Features of Field Service Management App

Field Service Salesforce’s Lightning solution has evolved over time with increased functionality with each new release. The top features are-

  1. Service Appointments- scheduling appointments is the heart of field service operations. It records and integrates standard bookings with territory and scheduling.
  2. Salesforce Service Cloud- Field Service and Service Cloud share the “Work Order” object.
  3. The Field Service Dispatcher Console- It is the user interface for the Field Service.
  4. Android and iOS Compatible- It also comes with offline functionality.

Ideal Users of Field Service App Salesforce

Using a field service app salesforce software is beneficial for companies that have mobile field technicians. P people involved in these operations are-


Dispatchers respond to “work orders” (service calls) from clients. Based on their skill level, availability, and proximity to the job site, they will assign the task to the best candidate. To decide who is best for the job, dispatchers need to go through different profiles of workers quickly. The “Dispatcher Console” facilitates this process by presenting all the data in one place.

Field Technicians

These professionals are mainly the installation team. Using the Field Service Mobile app helps them to stay “on the move” while delivering their services with offline accessibility without any workflow distraction.

Service Agents

When a customer requests a service call-out, service agents handle the communication. They first validate the severity of a call-out emergency and also look for a simpler solution to address the matter. They will initially try to resolve a “Case” together. To schedule a necessary call-out visit, they create a “Work Order” and assign the duty to service agents with the help of Lightning Service Console.

Service Managers

The service managers keep an eye on the number of service calls, quality of service, duration of technician’s presence on the job site and travel time, and customer satisfaction. A field service app salesforce software allows them to integrate salesforce reports, list views, and other platform analytics to check up on the performance and success of their services.


If a company is new to the FSL app, then it must know about its basic features, uses, and benefits. Although the initial investment can be moderately high and the training period can be complex- once the workforce becomes proficient with salesforce solutions will yield fruitful results in long-term business benefits.