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Toughest Beefs In The SA Hip Hop Industry Till Date



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Toughest Beefs In The SA Hip Hop Industry Till Date

Toughest Beefs In The SA Hip Hop Industry Till Date: Music serves as a medium through with people get to show love, compassion and empathy. However, as fascinating and appealing it is, some use it as a means of breeding hate and contempt. Music artistes pride themselves not only on their ability to produce and sell hit records, but also their technical prowess, their popularity, and even their ability to get laid which can unavoidably inspire major ego clashes.

Sometimes, this can end with a polite ‘beef-squashing’, or simply devolves into childish insults. Other times, it can lead to extreme shows of violence; shootings, fist fights, and even stabbings. Hip-hop alone is notorious for its rich history of blood-feuds and coastal warfare, but the rest of the music industry isn’t as innocent as it may appear.

  1. Cassper and AKA

What started out as a sweet friendship has spawned into a longstanding and endless beef between AKA and Casspe Nyovest.
It all began with a tweet. In April of 2014, Cassper Nyovest claimed that his song “Doc Shebeleza” was the biggest song in South African hip-hop. So when AKA took to Twitter to promote his new single, “Congratulate,” he took the opportunity to throw low-key shade at Cassper. Over the next months, things got intense with both rappers tweeting and sub tweeting  each other about how much bigger their song was than the other.

Till this moment, the two rappers never failed to engage themselves in online battles which have shown that their is no end in sight for their beef.

2. Nasty C and DJ speedsta
DJ Speedsta and Nasty C got into a heated exchange of words on Twitter after Nasty called Speedsta out for allegedly “lying” about ownership of the song Bamm Bamm. DJ Speedsta went into detail on how the events unfolded. Nasty shared a video where the DJ is talking to DJ Vigilante, Makhathini and Ms Cosmo, claiming that Nasty stole the song, Bamm Bamm, and released it as his own.

Nasty C says that he created the beat, hook and verse for the song and delivered it to Speedsta. HE said that Speedsta didn’t use that track and instead he worked on it with Pierre.
3. The Big Hash and

 and The Big Hash took it all the way to the top by firing off a series of tracks to set it off. Hash was a contributor to Stogie T’s Freestyle Friday and his verse had a target that he was directly aiming at. J Molley let Stogie T know that he was sending an extra verse in the following day and dropped “Pallbearer (The Big Hash Diss)” over the “No Church in the Wild” beat before it transitioned to Khuli Chana’s “Tswa Daar.” Before the long weekend was done though, Hash hit back with another response of his own and this time he featured Flame. But afterwards, Hash has officially tapped out of this beef. After a back and forth with Nav Albers (J Molley’s manager), he bowed out with this explanation.

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